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MCM Announced as Finalist at the UK Company Culture Awards 2023

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Published Date 12.04.2023

MCM are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the UK Company Culture Awards 2023, in the category – Best Agency To Work For (Medium). The awards, which celebrate company culture in the UK, are a true accolade for businesses that nurture their people and create a place where people are proud to work.  As a company that has long been passionately focused on creating a culture in which its employees can thrive and flourish, to have made this shortlist is further recognition that we are succeeding in doing so. 

The MCM Culture 

MCM is a close-knit team of 26 employees who work together with a shared goal of delivering the ‘perfect customer’ for our clients. We take pride in our work and the service levels that we offer. Every single member of the team is encouraged to be their best, even when that means pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. Our core values are at the centre of everything that we do.

The MCM Core Values

At MCM, we have 5 core values which all employees are expected to uphold at all times, these are:

  • Be Enthusiastic
  • Be Collaborative
  • Be a Problem Solver
  • Be Self Accountable 
  • Act with Integrity 

We assess performance against these areas every quarter to ensure that everyone is working with the values in mind and if there are any issues, we work together to overcome them. We truly believe that when each and every individual team member is responsible for maintaining and displaying these values, the overall culture of the team remains strong and the work that we produce for our clients is of the best level. 

Our WFA Model

Following the pandemic, a challenge that required a great deal of adaptability from most organisations, we’ve adopted a WFA (Work From Anywhere) model that gives our employees the flexibility to choose where they work from. Be that their home, a local cafe, a shared workspace such as a WeWork or our hub in Tonbridge, we believe that this flexibility allows the team to choose where they work best. The working hours at MCM can also be flexed so employees can have a greater work-life balance. For some this means taking an extended lunch to hit the gym, finishing early on a Friday to start the weekend sooner or making the school pick up, all of which can make a big difference mentally and emotionally. 

However, a WFA model isn’t without its challenges, and we’ve had to create a number of initiatives to ensure the team is still as connected as ever. This includes:

  • Quarterly Events – In-person business updates followed by a fun team-building activity (historically this has included quad biking, bread making and golf!)
  • Virtual Events – A weekly ‘team huddle’, Friday quizzes, regular communications (business and non-business related over Teams and Slack
  • Culture Club – Focusing solely on the culture at MCM, our Culture Club meets weekly to plan new activities and initiatives to bring the wider team together and plan charity fundraising activities such as our recent 25-hour continuous cycle, which raised over £1,300 for Alzheimer’s UK.

Other initiatives that we have in place to ensure that the culture is at the forefront of MCM include:

  • Mental Health First Aider – A designated, specifically trained member of the team who can assist with mental health and wellbeing issues by signposting to suitable services and offering a sympathetic ear. 
  • Monthly MVP Reward – Each member of the team can vote for their MVP, giving their nominee the chance to win a voucher for their hard work and demonstration of the core values. 
  • Vitality Health Insurance – A healthy team makes a healthy business, which is why MCM provides fully comprehensive health cover with perks such as; an Apple watch, cinema tickets, half-price gym membership and running shoes.

A Happy Team Means Happy Customers 

We truly believe that having a happy team means happy customers. Satisfied, confident team members who are happy in their work, naturally produce excellent results and maintain great relationships with customers. To ensure that’s true for all of our clients we have regular calls to discuss campaign results, service level and feedback.

What we do

MCM is a digital marketing agency with over 25 years experience, dedicated to delivering the perfect customers to our clients. We do this through a combination of data, technology and teamwork. We discover where our clients target market spends their time in order to deliver the most compelling, moment- stopping content via platforms such as Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Spotify and TikTok.

Learn more about our services: MCM

A Message From Our CEO

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for this award. A positive company culture is at the heart of MCM and the whole team is passionate and dedicated to making MCM the best place to work. Through hard work and determination our team works together to drive amazing results for our clients, whilst enjoying a positive work-life balance. 

We look forward to meeting the other finalists and hopefully, to bringing home the award! 
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