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Synergy – Next Generation Initiative recognised by the UK Company Culture Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 08.04.2022

Synergy is beyond delighted to have been shortlisted for the Next Generation Initiative Award, for its leadership development training programme Grow @Synergy. To be acknowledged in this way, by an organisation that recognises the best of the best in company culture, is truly humbling and we can’t wait for the awards ceremony!

Synergy is a leading, multi-award winning serviced apartment provider, specialising in providing extended-stay accommodation management solutions to global corporations around the world. In other words, we work with small, mid and large organisations across many sectors— from media, finance, technology and education to healthcare, energy and entertainment…(the list goes on!) to provide end-to-end accommodation and hospitality services for their business travel and relocating employee populations, who travel away from home for an extended period of time.

When we say serviced accommodation, or extended-stay accommodation, what we really mean is accommodation that provides our guests with the bits and bobs that make home…well…home…like a living room to relax in after a long day at work. A kitchen to make your favourite breakfast in…and so on. 

So that’s who we are and what we do— we exist to provide a home away from home for our guests. A sense of familiarity wherever in the world our guests’ work might take them—because we know our guests are their happiest and most productive when they feel supported, comfortable and have the tools they need to be themselves.

Synergy’s Next Generation Initiative 

The same goes for Synergy’s approach to company culture. Our people will only be their best when we invest in supporting them— and we knew it was more important than ever to stand by that approach and invest in the motivation, development and wellbeing of our associates during COVID-19.

One of the ways we executed this was through our newest leadership development and wellbeing programme Grow @Synergy, a programme which has been shortlisted for the Next Generation Initiative Award.

Grow @Synergy is a leadership development programme designed to coach, upskill and train Synergy’s junior talent to become our industry’s next generation of leaders—to build Synergy’s tomorrow, today. The programme provides each individual with the leadership tools they need to flourish as future leaders, in addition to the wellbeing strategies they need to manage their work, or any challenges that may come their way, in a healthy and sustainable way.

Grow @Synergy is divided into 10 modules and aimed to achieve the following:

  • Offer equal career-pathing opportunities for young talent
  • Engage and retain all trainees
  • Empower trainees to be more confident, assertive and self-aware
  • Drive efficiencies via enhanced time management and delegation
  • Improve associate wellbeing 
  • Build team camaraderie through peer-to-peer coaching, sharing challenges…and having fun!
  • To create a succession plan for future leaders 
  • Enhance trainee commercial awareness 

Why should Grow @Synergy win?

Grow @Synergy is special because it takes a tailored approach to each individual. It’s not a check-box exercise that delivers unstandardised material through unengaging delivery methods, it’s an interactive mentor programme that is tailored and adapted to each individual’s unique challenges and the ever-changing commercial landscape in which Synergy operates. It encourages cohorts to embark on a journey of self-discovery and develop as leaders based on their own individual strengths. Since the onset of this programme, three cohorts have been promoted to manager (that’s two more since we submitted our award submission!).

The aspect we believe sets Synergy’s Next Generation Initiative aside from the competing submissions is the impact this programme has had on our trainees. They’re getting promoted, they’re finding their voice, they’re feeling empowered, they’re taking control of their physical and mental wellbeing, they’re speaking up and most importantly, they’re leading. And the best part? This doesn’t just benefit the Grow @Synergy trainees, but all of Synergy’s stakeholders. Just think about it— the more our next generation of leaders feel empowered to coach and inspire those around them, the more valued all associates feel, the better team collaboration is, the more we can drive efficiencies and innovate, the better our customers’ experiences, the more our suppliers and competitors can learn from us…the benefits are endless.  

Being recognised for this award is a testament to the hard work everyone has put into creating the Grow @Synergy leadership programme and Synergy is delighted to be recognised alongside so many strong players. Thank you to the UK Company Culture Awards for creating this opportunity and we look forward to the announcement! 

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