Fiecon, Finalists for the Best Working Environment

FIECON are delighted to have been shortlisted for UK Company Culture Awards 2022, ‘Best working environment (remote)’ award.  

We became a remote company in early 2020, when lockdown started. Our aim has always been that no matter what our size, whether a team of 40 people or 400 people, we would hold on to our company culture. We were very determined that becoming a remote organisation would not change that. We recruited and on-boarded more than 30 people remotely during 2020 and 2021. We provide a physical environment that is comfortable, ergonomically sound, and with access to all the necessary tools for delivering our project work combined with the best environment for mental well-being too.  

FIECON’s culture is what makes us special, it’s who we are and what FIECON is about. We really appreciate that the UK Company Culture Awards judges have recognised us for what we are doing to deliver the best working environment for our team. 

FIECON was born out of the desire to make a difference in the world we live in. Our CEOs realised that the best way to do this was by putting their expertise to use – harnessing the power of health economics to bring life changing products to market and building a company where its people can flourish and grow. Our talented team are the ones who are responsible for making FIECON the company it is today. In the same way that we obsess over how clients experience our services, we are every bit as focused on our team having the best experience too. FIECON is a place where everyone can deliver results to delight clients, improve lives, ​and build a better world.  

Head of Business Development, Karl Freemyer, based in New Jersey, USA joined FIECON during lockdown 2020, here he tells us about his experience of FIECON’s culture. 

“As a US employee of UK based FIECON I feel more integrated into the culture, objectives, and social fabric of the company than I have in firms where I stepped into an office every day. The rallying cry which is so pervasive here is “never leave a FIECONite behind”, and that means more than just throwing a helping hand or staying late to finish a project, it describes a fundamental approach to relationships that exist at the company. Virtual, in person, spanning all 5 continents, morning, noon and night, this company is one where you feel like an important, unique, and irreplaceable part of the team. In the US, we have a saying, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”; our culture of mutual caring, belief, and support reinforces everything we do day to day, and we wouldn’t be capable of replicating it synthetically with a strategy if we tried. It’s a special place to work!” 

We would like to say thank you to the judging panel for recognising FIECON commitment to their people, and we wish all our fellow finalists good luck on awards night. 

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