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Introducing Kid-A, UK Company Culture Finalists who are “Making Block Rockin’ Beats”!

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 18.03.2022

Check….Check…Check …This thing on? Ahem . . .

Well . . . Hello to all the beautiful people out there – We are Kid-A. “Kid who” I hear you say? Wasn’t that a record from wayyyy back? Yes my friends. .. indeed it was and not just any record, but one of the greatest left turns in musical history (by one of the best bands in our view) and 100% behind the inspiration for our name!

Allow myself, to introduce . . . . myself (looks to camera)

Kid-A is multi-award-winning disruptive consultancy & managed services business working within the UK telecommunications industry. We are the new kid on the block (everyone starts humming hangin’ tough) in our space and we solve problems for mobile phone operators. We’ve got a huge amount of experience here (as that’s where most of us came from) and we’re the disruptor who tries to break new ground, challenge the norm and do things a bit different.

We are also the first UK telecommunications consultancy to achieve Certified B Corporation® status – which means a hell of a lot to us as we set up our business as a force for good and to have our theories & practices validated by such an elite, ethical and purposeful accreditation, enables us to be the agent of change and set the bar in our sector.

We are optimistic, diverse, creative, open-minded, and disciplined – we strive to be the best of the best to deliver an incredible social experience whilst being neutral with our collective impact on the planet.

We love humans, we love our environment and if you’d not already guessed we love pop culture, movies, and music.

Based from our HQ in Winchester, Hampshire UK, aptly named “The Overlook Hotel” (please tell us we have some Shining fans out there) we have unparalleled experience in telecoms, distribution & consumer electronics, we help our partners solve problems, drive performance, design & deliver strategies whilst maintaining a unique ‘sound & vision’ that is all our own.

We set up in Aug 2019 and since then (despite all those macro factors we wont name as everyone has to be bored of them now) we have achieved a hell of a lot that we are very proud of. We are a 14 piece band (I’ll stop the music soon, I promise) full of beautiful, amazing humans and we work closely in the MNO space and have done some pretty cool things which we won’t bore you with now!

But, hold the phone . . . .we took a shot at the UK Company Culture Awards as we want to be able to showcase whats under our hood as the biggest thing we are proud of, is our culture. Yes, we’re only 2 years old, but everything starts with people (in our view) so we thought it’s a long shot but this would look to be the sort of accolade to be proud of and WOW – we’ve been shortlisted.

This is huge for everyone here at Kid-A as to even get this far is quite spectacular for us. We’re a unique business (think the kids say “niche” these days ) and fairly private. We like to do our talking on the pitch, but to have a group of highly talented & experienced people have a look at what we’re doing, and how we’re doing it, and conclude that we are lucky enough to be shortlisted and keep the company of some pretty stellar finalists – is incredible to us.


We are very proud to not only be nominated, but in the 2 categories we’re in is a significant milestone in the journey we’ve having with our culture – we’re just blown away. We appreciate that you are a big supporter of what we are doing.

Our amazing people have helped us build our workplace as it exists today – a place to be creative, be a force for good, grow our future and have fun doing it. We’re blessed that people continue to dig our sound and what we do but most importantly, how we do it. At Kid-A we are not going to stop the trend of being different and making an impact where it matters and trying to build an incredible culture where people can come and do their best work and have mad fun at the same time. To quote David Brent “ they are not mutually exclusive”

So before we sign off, a massive thank you to the panel for recognising us, and sending positive vibes and big love to all our fellow finalists – keep being beautiful and we hope to see you on the night at the awards.

Big love Kid-A

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