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Skyrise are in the running for two UK Company Culture Awards

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Published Date 16.04.2024

Skyrise is an indie AdTech company that analyses data to place adverts where they will be most effective and seen by people. We do this on any screen, this can be mobile, desktop, connected TV, digital billboards and on any device. We have access to big data sets from mobile network data from the UK’s largest providers. We use a combination of clever algorithms, data analysis and Al to find patterns in the data. We then visualise these to inform our clients where adverts should be shown and buy the space for the ads to be seen.

This is our third year entering the UK Company Culture Awards and we are so excited to have been shortlisted in two amazing categories, Best DEI initiative and Most innovative Culture, we have also entered one individual award this year for Business Culture Ambassador of the Year where the winner will be announced on the night. We’ve been lucky enough to have won 2 culture awards in 2022 & 2023 for ‘Wellness Wednesday’ our long running in-house health & wellbeing initiative and it’s something all our team are extremely proud of.

“It’s amazing to think we’re back at the culture awards and we are so excited to be shortlisted in new categories. The culture awards are so important to our team at Skyrise as we really love and believe in the culture we’ve created. It’s what makes us different to other companies so to be shortlisted is a huge team achievement” Sam Sharwin, Culture Lead

At Skyrise we believe that culture is that secret ingredient that no one can put their finger on quite what it is, but everyone wants it. We feel our culture is organic, authentic, and fun. Our culture is unique and innovative and we’re not afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Everything we do is with the aim of having a happy, motivated team who enjoy coming to work and feel a real sense of belonging at Skyrise.

We spent a lot of time keeping our culture vibrant, accessible, and genuine. It’s what keeps our team committed, engaged and healthy. It’s not something we want as a nice to have. It binds us together. We entered the ‘Most Innovative Culture’ award as we do not know any other company that has a culture quite like ours so we thought why not.

Our culture is really open, honest and authentic. I really believe everyone is able to bring their whole self to work and be welcomed and supported by the team.”
Michelle Vint, Co-Founder, Skyrise

I don’t think anyone is doing culture like Skyrise. I talk to everyone I know who works elsewhere and discuss what we do as a company and they’re often left shocked. They don’t get anything along the lines of DEI, book clubs, Wellness Wednesday’s or organised trips to interesting places around the city. This combined with the people who help push the culture forward makes for a very innovative culture. We also have a lot of support around employees at Skyrise both professionally and personally. The culture team works hard to make sure there’s constructive things for us to take part in that help us develop our interpersonal skills while making it fun.”
Sean McKay, Account Director – Product, Skyrise

Skyrise is like nowhere else I’ve worked before. It has fostered a culture that encourages people to be themselves, championing openness, honesty, achievement and fun.
Staff welfare is paramount and huge investment goes into making every week as fulfilling as possible to strengthen the bonds between the team and help us grow as people, not just employees.”

Ben Wilkins, Product Director & Board Member, Skyrise

We decided to enter the award for best DEI initiative as we’re proud of the bespoke initiative we’ve created. We’ve had various DEI training over the years delivered by 3 different external companies, it always felt very corporate, disingenuous and that just didn’t work for us. We wanted something meaningful that would really help us not just in work but in life outside of work too.

Our initiative was designed with the whole team in mind. We cover a wide range of DEI topics, deep dives sessions every couple of months with awareness sessions and emails every month.
All our team knows our commitment to DEI is ongoing, there’s no end date. Our training is written and delivered by our Culture Lead, Sam Sharwin which creates a psychologically safe space.

“I think that our DEI programme is different to other companies because it’s honest, non-restrictive and discusses real issues affecting real people. It’s sensitively addressed, and as an individual, I’m forced to critically assess long-held views/prec-conceptions that may not necessarily be accurate, which leads to growth. Our programme goes well above and beyond what you’d expect to receive anywhere, and it’s not just about ‘attending the session’, it’s about embodying the concepts and making real change in your own and others lives. Our DEI programme is unique and allows for a space within work for me to grow as an individual, on a personal level. They’re hugely informative, and catered with the right messaging in easy to understand sessions that I always look forward to. They’ve already forced change in my own life outside of work, with it now being a regular occurrence for me to more openly talk about topics that I wouldn’t have known about before.”
Jake Li, Account Director – Trading Team Lead

We have also entered our Culture Lead, Sam Sharwin for the Business Culture Ambassador of the Year individual award. From day one at Skyrise we’ve always been struck by the sheer variety of approaches, thought processes and skills Sam brings to company culture.

“These days, most companies talk about their values, good intentions, Diversity and Inclusion programmes and so on. But in all of the places I’ve worked, I’ve never seen such a true desire from one person to live up to those values as I have with Sam. It’s not just lip service or ticking boxes. It’s genuinely about driving a workplace culture where you can bring your whole self to work – no matter who you are. For me, that keeps it real. It makes Sam real. A one off real asset.”
Sam Wass, Marketing Director, Skyrise

Sam brings so much joy to the office and you know you’re going to gain something by

taking part in one of her initiatives, whether it be wellness based or educational. Outside of this she puts into practice what she teaches in her DEI sessions and her (metaphorical) door is always open. She’s not only dreamt up a fantastic workplace culture, but made it happen and we hope she knows that all of her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Lauren Cooney, Trading Manager, Skyrise

Sam works tirelessly to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves and staying happy and healthy while they work. This has a hugely positive effect on the business as a whole not only internally through productivity and efficiency but also when attracting talent to come to work for Skyrise, we’re very lucky to have someone like Sam nurturing the culture that we have here and it makes work a pleasant place to be.”

Sean McKay, Product, Skyrise

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