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WRS shortlisted for a UK Company Culture Award

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Published Date 15.04.2024

At WRS, we’re an end-to-end workforce solutions and recruitment consultancy partner. Building a strong framework for talent management and workforce risk mitigation.

Working with both clients and candidates across industries such as oil and gas, offshore, renewable energy and construction, we source and place top talent (mobilising candidates in over 90 countries), deliver innovative strategies to support organisational growth, and open doors for a diverse global workforce. Our innovative strategies go beyond just sourcing – we help our clients unlock organisational growth and embrace a diverse global workforce.

Uniting Our Company Vision: The WRS Roadmap

We believe a strong company culture fuels exceptional service, which is why we created the WRS Roadmap to empower our global teams and foster a collaborative culture where everyone works towards shared goals. This initiative, built by employees from across the organisation (marketing, sales, learning and development, and operations), goes beyond a static document. We’ve designed it to be a transparent and informative resource for everyone at WRS. It’s a living Roadmap, a shared vision for success in 2024 and beyond.

Alignment Creates Success

The Roadmap recognises the critical link between employee alignment with business strategy and exceptional client service. By providing transparency into our short-term, mid-term goals, and overall 2024 vision and intents, we empower our team to see the bigger picture and how their work contributes. Additionally, aligning employee values with those of our clients strengthens our partnerships.

More Than a Handbook

Created by the people, for the people, the WRS Roadmap is not just a handbook full of rules; it’s a guide that outlines who we are, our mission, our core values and much more. Through personal and professional goalsetting this initiative empowers every team member to navigate a thriving 2024. It reflects who we are as a company – one where individual growth fuels organisational success.

Fuelling a Purpose-Driven Culture

The Roadmap fuels our mission to cultivate a purpose-driven culture, one where “People are our Purpose” is more than a motto. We’re committed to making WRS a remarkable launchpad for every career, not just a job. By fostering an environment that empowers individuals to achieve their professional aspirations, we celebrate successes together, solidifying the foundation of our thriving company culture.

Empowering Growth and Sustained Success

Our team introduced the Roadmap initiative with a vision to empower and inspire our team, fostering a culture that celebrates individual and collective achievements. The handbook encourages employees to think strategically about the big picture, while also setting clear professional goals. Ultimately, the Roadmap sought to enhance WRS’s already award-winning culture and service offerings.

The Roadmap’s Core Objectives

  1. Empowering Growth: The Roadmap aspires to create a work environment where employees feel passionate and invested in their individual and collective achievements. This objective was pursued by fostering a sense of purpose, celebrating milestones (both individual and team-based), and encouraging strategic thinking about personal goals and the company’s future.
  2. Building on a Winning Foundation: The Roadmap was designed to seamlessly integrate with and support the company’s 2024 objectives, driving sustained sales success, revenue growth, and an even stronger reputation for excellence.
  3. Investing in People: The Roadmap prioritises embedding the company’s core values into every aspect of operation. This ensures that all decisions prioritise employee development and growth. Strategic investments have and will continue to be made for annual Roadmap refreshes, launch events, and ongoing learning and development and training opportunities for our team.

Ongoing Activities and Team Adoption Moving Forwards

The Roadmap fosters a strong company culture that values employee growth and contribution. Here’s how we’re achieving this:

  • Continuous Performance Development: Performance reviews with KPIs and objectives linked to personal goals set in the annual Roadmap. This ensures alignment between individual and company aspirations.
  • Global Recognition: We celebrate team members who embody the WRS Roadmap values through social media shout-outs and inter-company awards. This reinforces positive behaviours and inspires others.
  • Learning and Development Hub: An e-learning system with embedded quizzes and stacks of resources empowers continuous learning and skill development.
  • Training Opportunities: Our teams have access to ongoing internal and external training opportunities. This enables us to support, promote, and differentiate our top-quality recruitment services and raise standards by delivering expert support to our team around the world.
  • Goal Setting: Our structured approach involves annual goal setting meetings, followed by quarterly reviews integrated into 1-on-1 sessions. This reinforces both personal and professional growth aspirations.
  • Feedback for Improvement: A robust feedback system through SharePoint fosters a culture of continuous improvement, allowing for open communication and growth.
  • Alignment for Success: Our team integrates the Roadmap with key meetings, reviews, and learning sessions.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Monthly and quarterly recognition programs and celebratory events contribute to a more cohesive global team.

The Results

  • WRS Roadmap Launch: 50 global team members attended, fostering a sense of unity.
  • Employee Engagement: Increased committee participation, particularly in the charity and activity committee – jumped by 62.5%.
  • Team Alignment: A 20% improvement in team alignment with company objectives, facilitating effective collaboration.
  • Sense of Belonging: Surveys revealed a 30% increase in employees feeling a sense of belonging and connection to the global team, fostering a more collaborative and supportive work environment.

Feedback From Our Team

“Good idea should lead to more bigger picture thinking including shared goals/visions and objectives.”

“Helps people think about the “What” and the “Why” behind objectives and goals.”

“Reminds and reinforces the WRS Beliefs, values and goals.”

“Helps consultants “Think outside the box” – ideas and strategies to meet company objectives progress career.”

“Good for knowledge about company, the growth/journey of the company – good for new starters and potentially clients.”

“Good visual, it’s nice to reinforce and remind what we learn at the beginning of our WRS journey.”

“Empowering document – few places you would work where you get to be part of and have vision on the company financial goals.” 

“It shows transparency, everyone can see what the aims are.”

A Dynamic and Evolving Project

Unlike static documents often used in corporate settings, the WRS Roadmap is an annual initiative that evolves to reflect our business environment and aspirations. It not only outlines the company’s direction but also fosters a shared understanding of our values, commitments, mission, objectives, and goals. This transparency empowers employees to define their own goals and see how they contribute to the bigger picture. Employees understand their distinct role and invaluable contribution to achieving the company’s vision.

Notably, 2024 has been specifically dedicated to actively seeking feedback for continuous improvement. Ensuring the Roadmap remains relevant and impactful, directly contributing to desired business outcomes. This flexible approach allows the Roadmap to continuously adapt to the evolving needs of the team, fuelling long-term success for both employees and the company.

Looking To The Future

Within a year, our Roadmap has become a cornerstone of our company culture. It has unified our five global offices, aligning them with our vision for 2024 and beyond. Team feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the Roadmap’s impact on fostering personal empowerment, growth, and expertise.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to fully implementing and embracing the Roadmap with our global teams. The 2025 Roadmap will prioritise a positive and inclusive culture for our entire team, and everyone connected to the business. Transparency and clear communication about our goals as a global organisation will remain paramount.

The Roadmap is not a temporary initiative; it’s a core part of our business strategy, actively used and embedded across all functions, driving us forward into the future.

Mark Brown, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WRS, expressed his delight at the accolade: 

“It is an absolute honour to be shortlisted for the ‘Best Cultural Transformation Initiative’ Award at the 2024 UK Company Culture Awards. This recognition reflects our team’s commitment to cultivating a best-in-class workplace.

Culture is our DNA. It defines who we are and shapes how we operate. We believe a strong company culture fuels exceptional performance. Our WRS Roadmap initiative has been instrumental in transforming how we operate, fostering collaboration across our global offices in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Huge thanks to the Roadmap project team for their tireless efforts, and to our valued clients, candidates, and partners for their unwavering support.

At WRS, the best is truly yet to come.

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