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GCI Health continues to demonstrate its investment in people with two Company Culture Awards shortlists! 

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Published Date 19.04.2023

GCI Health is proud to be shortlisted for Best Agency to Work For AND Best Employee Development Programme in the UK Company Culture Awards. This year we’re turning ten and winning these awards would be a birthday present to remember, celebrating the hard work and progress made over recent years in our dedication to the happiness and wellbeing of our team. 

GCI Health is a specialist healthcare communications agency Inspired by People. It is this mantra – our genuine dedication to people – that sets us apart. The events of recent years (the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the cost-of-living crisis) have confirmed to us that our mission to put people at the centre is the most important measure of success – first and foremost for their professional and personal wellbeing and secondly in the benefits that a supported and committed workforce offer to our clients and patients, carers and the world. 

Learning and development – key to our success

Learning and development is not only important to brain health but to the overall happiness and motivation of our people. The emphasis we place on this is a key factor to our company’s success. In 2022, we launched Levelled Up Learning – a programme developed by our team for our team, consisting of a core programme and level specific courses. 

Our core training focuses on three key skill areas:

  1. GCIH business tools – what we need to be able to do as a GCI Health employee
  2. Communication skills – the skills we need to work in communications
  3. Behaviours – how we behave as a colleague, manager and team player

These courses not only support our employees’ development, but they also set out expectations for their role within the business. Whether people stay with us for the duration of their career or as a steppingstone, we can truly say that we have contributed to that individual’s professional development to help them to be the most successful version of themselves.

Complementary to the above we also have our level specific courses:

  • Incubator for junior levels and those new to agency/client service roles. The early stage of a communicators career requires them to master a variety of vital skills. The programme is designed to equip employees with the knowledge to succeed in their role. 
  • Learning to Lead for Account Managers is tailored to the needs of our business and isn’t just about being a good line manager or team AM; it teaches the skills and behaviours needed to be a future leader.
  • Accelerator for Account Directors is a year-long programme providing this level with the skills and behaviours needed to move into more senior roles. This course is based around three core elements – emotional intelligence, strong leadership skills and a brain savvy business. 

And finally, our Leadership Academy specifically designed for our leadership team. The programme has been carefully curated to help our leaders build the mindset, behaviours and skills needed to take their role to the next level and help drive the business forward. The key themes include Inspirational Leadership, Communication, Negotiation, and Managing Strategic Accounts.  

So, what does our team think?

Our 2022 engagement survey results showed:

  • 91% said they are able to express their thoughts and feelings to the team
  • 91% said employees on the team trust and respect each other
  • 86% said the company is committed to creating an inclusive work culture. 

Beyond the stats, we’re so proud of the culture we’ve built and nurture every day. In our people’s own words:

“The culture of support, both professional and personal, shines through in everything at GCI Health. It’s a nurturing and exciting place to build your career.” Account Manager.

“GCI Health culture is empowering – it encourages and supports every team member to be truly authentic every day.” Director.

“There is a real sense of ‘togetherness’ and passion at GCI Health and the work is both fun and fulfilling.” Senior Account Director.

We are always on the look-out for great new people to join us. Do email us at [email protected] for an informal chat.

Find out more about GCI Health here:

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