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GuyKat Reaches UK Company Culture Award Final for Outstanding Graduate Scheme.

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Published Date 30.03.2023

GuyKat, an international eLearning company, has been named a finalist for the UK Company Culture Awards in the category of ‘Best Employee Development Programme’ for its Graduate Trainee Scheme. GuyKat are specialists in planning, creating and implementing online learning that maximises the potential of an organisation’s workforce. Their current client portfolio includes notable organisations such as Amnesty International, Kiehl’s, and La-Z-Boy.

The Graduate Trainee Scheme program is designed to offer candidates an opportunity to acquire hands-on experience and to gain valuable exposure to the different roles available in the company. This enables them to make informed decisions about which area they would like to specialise in.

Many of the roles offered by GuyKat are highly specialised and industry-specific. Therefore, it is unlikely that candidates would have had prior exposure to these types of roles through career services or educational institutions. The Graduate Trainee Scheme aims to bridge this gap by providing participants with a year-long programme that allows them to rotate in each department within the eLearning business. This way, the trainees gain a deeper understanding of the different roles, which in turn helps them determine which position would be the best fit for them whilst broadening their skill set.

The Graduate Scheme has been instrumental to the growth and success of GuyKat. Since its launch in 2019, the company has grown from 10 to 47 employees in just over 3 years. 100% of participants in the Graduate Scheme transition into a permanent role within the company. Currently, there are 20 members of staff that have either completed the Graduate Scheme or are currently enrolled. In 2022, the company’s most successful year to date in terms of revenue, GuyKat had its largest intake of grads, totalling 15 new team members.

The trainee initiative feeds into GuyKat’s vibrant and dynamic company culture by contributing to their core values of innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. The scheme has enhanced GuyKat’s culture of continual learning across the organisation, as trainees are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues. Overall, the graduate trainee scheme has hugely contributed to maintaining the company ethos at GuyKat, and has helped the company retain its core values whilst being able to scale.

Aleksandra Tuneski, who joined the scheme in January of 2022, has expressed her gratitude towards the program, saying, “I joined the Graduate Scheme thinking this would be a good opportunity to upskill and then look for my dream job. However, during my journey at GuyKat, I have been exposed to interesting clients and projects, had the chance to travel for business, and I discovered my passion for content writing. In the end, I was offered a Content Editor role, and that was more than I ever could have expected and wished for from a Graduate Scheme.”

The Graduate Scheme has not only provided participants with the necessary skills but has also exposed them to different areas of the business, opening doors to new opportunities and experiences they may not have considered previously.

GuyKat is honoured to be a finalist for this award. GuyKat CEO, Guy McEvoy said, ‘Being named a finalist at the UK Company Culture Awards for their Graduate Trainee Scheme means a great deal to the GuyKat team. The award recognises the company’s commitment to employee development, creating a culture of learning and growth that benefits both the individual and the company. The Graduate Scheme has played an integral role in building a strong and resilient team that is committed to the company’s success.’

About GuyKat

GuyKat is an award-winning B2B learning technology company. Founded in 2009 and based in Birmingham, UK, it serves clients in six continents and has deployed training in over 50 countries. At the core of the company is a passion for intuitive user experience, engaging instructional design, and achieving learning outcomes. To ensure we are a true ‘end-to-end’ eLearning agency,  we also have developed partnerships with Docebo (LMS), FLOWSPARKS (an authoring tool) and Open Sesame for off-the-shelf content.

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