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Humble with Big Dreams – Meet… Go Up

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 29.03.2022

Go Up might be a humble digital marketing agency, but we have big dreams to make our company a better place to hang out and grow professionally. That’s why we’re on a mission to become one of the happiest places to work and in doing so, underpin each day with the good stuff. We’re exceedingly proud to be nominated for two UK Company Culture Awards in this regard.

Here at Go Up, we like people and think it’s only right that they are given every opportunity to be their best selves. With the help of all of our employees, we’ve put together a happiness manifesto that champions communication, progression, emotional wellbeing and perks.

By installing and building on these values within a collaborative manifesto, we’re going beyond basic perks and incentives to genuinely improve the lives of people working at our agency. Better still, we’re doing everything we can to make sure those values are upheld in our business, our culture and the wider community our people impact on.

On the launch of the Happiness Manifesto, founders Tom and Ed said:

“Go Up’s Happiness Manifesto will be fundamental in inspiring us to live and breathe an employee-first model, whilst instilling our values and championing individualism. Giving everyone a voice and the tools to make things happen was really important to us.”

They added:

“Building a greener future was also really important to us. Go Up doesn’t just offer digital marketing and a great place to work, we have a philanthropic arm which we’ve always been reluctant to shout about for fear of greenwashing. For the last ten years, we’ve rescued hundreds of animals, donated thousands of pounds to environmental causes and committed 10% of our yearly profit to sustaining these activities since we began 10 years ago.

By enabling our employees to take at least two paid days off per year to volunteer to environmental causes close to their heart (let’s face it, unlimited days – within reason), and inviting green innovators to hold talks with our team, we’re enabling our employees to become our biggest advocates, and to make the planet a better place to be”.

We’ve got off to a good start; our founders recently interviewed Dale Vince, green industrialist and chairman of The World’s Greenest Football Club, our partners, and you can watch the full interview here, or read a summary. The trio discussed everything from the blinkered orthodoxy of the football industry, where Dale is defying doubts that an eco-friendly agenda and on-field success can coexist, to climate change and what small businesses such as Go Up can do to combat it


The next step is simple: we continue to involve our people every step of the way, do all the good stuff we said we would, and continue to grow and evolve as a like minded group of individuals. To keep us on track, we’ve come up with bi-annual happiness check-ins that help us evaluate the mood of the agency and revisit our manifesto – using the results to map out our focus areas for the next six months.


Our mission statement is clear – Do Good Work With Good People For Good People. Our Happiness Manifesto will help us achieve that ambition, keeping us focused and inspiring us to do better.

Check us out, here – cute dog photos included: Go Up’s Instagram

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