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The Insights Family, Shorlisted for the Best Flexible Working Policy Award.

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 14.03.2022

The Insights Family is the global leader in kids, parents, and family market intelligence, providing real-time data on their attitudes, behaviour and consumption patterns. Our service is made up of Kids Insights and Parents Insights, both of which operate in 22 countries across six continents, surveying more than 469,040 kids and 228,800 parents a year. We work with over 100 global brands, including Disney, LEGO, Warner Bros and the BBC.

We are delighted to be shortlisted for the UK Company Culture Awards, Best Flexible Working Policy award which recognises how our business have adapted to remote work and flexi-time. In response to changing work patterns, we introduced a core working hours policy, where meetings can only be scheduled between 10am and 4pm, in order to accommodate the needs of our employees. This is a prime example of our flexible attitude to work and the level of trust maintained across all levels of the company. It also reflects many of our core values, specifically the importance of being collaborative and agile. By recognising the commitments of our employees, we hope to ensure that everyone feels seen as an important player in our amazing business.

At The Insights Family, we understand that work does not have to take over your life and that important life events should not be obstructed by your job. Each person’s schedule is different but with this policy, we can all come together during the day to collaborate at our best capacity for the success of the company. It is a policy which has been met with great enthusiasm amongst employees from every department as it fits the demand for flexi-time which is now popular in most industries. We are excited to see how the policy will enable the company to grow beyond its home in Manchester to include employees and clients in other countries.

As remote work has become more popular, we have prioritised providing our employees with all the equipment they need to work from home comfortably. Not only does this include technology such as a monitor, laptop and laptop stand, it also includes regular check-ins to ensure that everyone is healthy and feeling okay. Our weekly team meeting still happens on zoom and line managers are encouraged to increase communication with their team. The close knit relationships that we have throughout the company means that we care about each other beyond the work we do together. We also have a five-day work-from-a-different-location policy which means that employees do not have to be physically present in the office, work commitment permitting. At this point in time, we have many employees who work in Manchester but have family in other countries, such as in Italy, New Orleans and China. With this five-day remote work policy, they have been able to travel and work their normal hours but at a different time which suits a change in time-zone or schedule. Given the difficulties and uncertainty of the pandemic, we wanted to prioritise the values of our employees and give them the opportunity to see loved ones and visit home.

We are over the moon to be shortlisted for this award. Our company policy is unique because it is an amalgamation of remote work and flexi-time, two key working policies which have only blossomed following the pandemic. When implementing the policy, we wanted to acknowledge that the working world is changing and it can no longer be an expectation for all employees to be able to work in-person. Our business is at the cutting edge of technological innovation, with an excellent development team that is building internal services and programmes for our team to use instead of third-party products. This means that each one of our employees has all the digital tools at hand to do their jobs brilliantly, from any location at any time, WiFi permitted! We are passionate about shifting in line with the changing world and making our company a standout considerate employer.

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